Ahmed Sadek Mohamed Tawfik

Struggling against putting my picture here. :D

Mechanical Engineer with master degree in CFD and many many years in software development.

Enjoyed MSX programming on صخر Computers back in 90s (Nostalgia)

Playing Oud and Singing as much as I can

My favourite topics now are the ones related to geometry, language design, and atheltic activities.

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Because I am writing a lot, I have many blogs scattered here and there:

  1. Technocktail Information
  2. Quantity System Blog
  3. Fantastic Mesh Blog
  4. Very Very Personal Blog

I also have a very old article about Exchange 2007 with WCF

And you may also think about a copy of my not updated CV or Resume .. Whatever :)

Sigh .. Should I put a link to my master thesis ?!!! .. why not :) !!! Visit my Master's Thesis

I also have a post graduate diploma in heating and refrigeration. I am very proud of this part of my life .. download Refrigeration Diploma Report

My first big writing ever was the graduate project for Natural Gas equation of state that was simulated predicted and simulated using Matlab and a lot of constant volume, pressure specific heats. Download Graduate Project Report

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Finally my Sound Cloud which has an amazing pieces of random thoughts. :D :D